Expand Your Territory

2019 Capital Campaign

Change always accompanies growth.

As a church, we always want to be growing as individuals and growing as the body of Christ. Our vision at New Life Fellowship is to Reach, Teach, and Send to Preach - to reach those around us for Christ, to teach, train, and equip them with the tools they need, and to send them out to accomplish the work of the ministry.


We have seen tremendous growth since 2015 in many areas. We have seen an increase in average weekly attendance from 303 to 446. We have gone to two services. We have launched a new campus in Geneseo to reach a new community. We started Launch School of Ministry to train and equip future pastors, missionaries, etc. 


In order to continue at this rate of growth and continue to impact our community for Christ, some changes have to take place. Some updates are needing to be made. We have broken it up into three phases that we want to complete by the end of this year with your help.

25% More Parking


  • Elminate 1 House with Garage

  • Eliminate 1  Additional Garage

  • Create 25 More Parking Places



  • New Carpet

  • Sound Treatment

  • Repaint Ceilings and Walls

  • Enhance Stage Lighting

  • Update the Stage

  • Update Presentation screens

  • Purchase New Musical Equipment


Auditorium Renovations

3 New

Office Spaces


  • Convert the back of the Student Life Center into 3 new Offices

  • Create Extra Storage Space

  • Create Enhanced Security for the Office Wing


The Goal

Raise $100,000

Now, this is no easy task, but we believe if we come together and do our part to invest in the future of this ministry we can accomplish this. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. We ask as you prayerfully consider how God would have you to give to remember that whether you can give a lot or a little that every dollar counts.  


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