The Mission

Reach, teach, send to preach

We exist to reach people, train them up, and release them into their God given purpose.

The Vision

Launch People to New Heights

We believe there are 5 key areas in every persons life that determine their trajectory in life. We want to see every person thrive in these 5 areas.






What We Believe

16 fundemental truths

We are an Assemblies of God Church. These are non-negotiable tenets of faith that all Assemblies of God churches adhere to.

our staff

Brad Swartout

Lead Pastor

Krista Grizzle

Executive Pastor

Nick Billiet

Geneseo Campus Pastor

Rob Tevis

East Moline Campus Pastor

Angie Gaudreau

Family Life Pastor

Devon Johnson

Moline Campus Youth Pastor

Josemanuel Alvarez

Worship Director

Samantha Arnold

Geneseo Campus Youth Pastor/Bookkeeper

Johnathan Harkless

Creative Assistant

Angela Brock

Children's Director

John Holmes

Missions Director

Rob Richardson

Building & Grounds Director