A  learning experience designed to strengthen local churches by developing the next generation of ministry leaders.

4 components of Launch

Whether you are just exploring your faith or

Biblical Foundations

Tuesday | 6:30pm - 8:30pm

The goal of the Biblical Foundations portion is to equip you with the tools necessary to mine the gold out of Scripture.

We do this through offering courses in Biblical Languages - Hebrew and Greek, Jewish Customs and Culture, Church History, Cults, Survey of the Books of the Bible, Apologetics, and How to Interpret the Bible.

Practical Pastoral

Thursday | 6:30pm - 8:30pm

We have found that when you go to school to receive a degree in ministry what often is lacking is hands-on experience.

We provide first hand training from seasoned pastors and leaders and prepare you for ministry by walking alongside you and providing encouragement and feedback in areas such as how to develop ministry teams, how to lead a staff, and how to balance family life and ministry just to name a few.

Credentialing Courses

Monthly | 8am - 4pm

One Saturday a month, we meet together to be instructed through the courses the AG General Council requires you to have in order to be a certified or licensed minister.

We collaborate with Global University and qualified pastors throughout Illinois in order to provide courses such as Prison Epistles, Romans, Acts, etc. Even if you are not seeking credentialing through our district, these are great classes to grow in your walk with and knowledge of God.


1 Year Commitment

We have internships customized to your specific calling!

Internships include our Biblical Foundation, Practical Pastoral, and Credentialing Courses as well as a ministry intensive in your area of choice (i. e. youth, children’s, worship, media, etc.) and one missions experience.

You won’t regret spending one year investing in your future here!

You can choose to enroll in one or more components to fit your needs and schedule.

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