celebrate Recovery

What is it?

A Christ-centered 12-step recovery program that is biblically approached to help bring sustainable recovery and healing to our hurts. It guides us toward new healthy truths and life-giving habits as we repair our broken relationships. We will walk with you through the eight principles of Celebrate Recovery based on Jesus' teaching from His Sermon on the Mount called the Beautitudes (Matt 5:3-12)

WHo's it for?

For anyone who has a hurt, habit, or hang up that desires freedom. Celebrate Recovery is a community of strugglers that courageously enter this safe space to get honest about our pain and the negative ways we may see ourselves, God and others. Most people who come don't come because of chemical addictions, but to find freedom in Jesus. If you're not perfect, Celebrate Recovery is for you!

Where is it?

Every Thursday at the QC Mission.

2015 2 W Ave. East Moline, IL 61264

6:00pm - Free family dinner
7:00pm - Large group celebration
8:00pm - Open share groups