Do you have a desire to grow spiritually but don't know where to start? Then this class is perfect for you! It is a simple class that introduces you to some very practical things we need to be doing as Christians. ​

Take A Public Stand for Jesus

Never Look Back to the Old Life

Get Baptized in Water

Begin a Regular Prayer Life

Read Your Bible Daily

Renounce Your Old Life of Sin

Share Christ With Others

Become Filled with the Holy Spirit

Use Your Prayer Language Daily

Get Rid of "Old Life" Reminders

Choose the Right Friends

Deal Effectively with Temptation

Maker Your Faith Grow

Grow Spiritually and Produce Fruit

Join a Christ-Centered Church

Be Faithful in Giving to God

Use Your Talents for God

Prepare for Christ's Return

Be a Good Citizen

Get Along with Others

Beware of Common Causes of Failure

Beware of False Doctrine

Take Care of Your Body

Press Toward these Goals

Seek to Develop these Traits

Read Uplifting Material

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