Do you have a desire to grow spiritually but don't know where to start? Then this class is perfect for you! It is a simple class that introduces you to some very practical things we need to be doing as Christians. ​

Fuel: Take A Public Stand for Jesus - Chapter 1

Fuel: Never Look Back to the Old Life - Chapter 2

Fuel: Get Baptized in Water - Chapter 3

Fuel: Begin a Regular Prayer Life - Chapter 4

Fuel: Read Your Bible Daily - Chapter 5

Fuel: Renounce Your Old Life of Sin - Chapter 6

Fuel: Share Christ With Others - Chapter 7

Fuel: Become Filled with the Holy Spirit - Chapter 8

Fuel: Use Your Prayer Language Daily - Chapter 9

Fuel: Get Rid of "Old Life" Reminders - Chapter 10

Fuel: Choose the Right Friends - Chapter 11

Fuel: Deal Effectively with Temptation - Chapter 12

Fuel: Maker Your Faith Grow - Chapter 13

Fuel: Grow Spiritually and Produce Fruit - Chapter 14

Fuel: Join a Christ-Centered Church - Chapter 15

Fuel: Be Faithful in Giving to God - Chapter 16

Fuel: Use Your Talents for God - Chapter 17

Fuel: Prepare for Christ's Return - Chapter 18

Fuel: Be a Good Citizen - Chapter 19

Fuel: Get Along with Others - Chapter 20

Fuel: Beware of Common Causes of Failure - Chapter 21

Fuel: Beware of False Doctrine - Chapter 22

Fuel: Take Care of Your Body - Chapter 23

Fuel: Press Toward these Goals - Chapter 24

Fuel: Seek to Develop these Traits - Chapter 25

Fuel: Read Uplifting Material - Chapter 26

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